Copeland Park Community Alliance

November 2016 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
7:00 – 9:00 pm

St. Basil’s Roman Catholic Church

(lower level meeting room)

940 Rex Avenue
(entrance to parking lot: east off Maitland Avenue, north of the Queensway)

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(Items in bold print call for a motion and vote)

1. Call to Order

2. President’s Report
Marjorie Shaver-Jones

3. Treasurer’s Report
Brad White

4. Greenlawn Park Update (Rink & Tennis Court)
Dave Madden & Jamie Mason

5. Traffic Update
Jamie Mason & Dave Madden

6. Ottawa Mountain Biking Association proposal for neighbouring Carlington Park

Guest Presenters:
David Marchand-Smith, OMBA
Erika Kiss & Linda Landry, Friends of Carlington Park

7. Election of Officers for CPCA’s 2017 Board of Directors

8. College Ward Update Councillor Rick Chiarelli

9. Open Forum for Other Community Business

10. Adjournment

Your membership with the Copeland Park Community Alliance (CPCA) expires with this AGM. We count on membership funds to operate your community association.

Please renew your household membership, by paying the $10 annual fee.

The Carlington Bike Park

On Wednesday September 28, City Council approved a partnership with the Ottawa Mountain Biking Association (OMBA) for installation of a mountain bike pump track and skills area in neighbouring Carlington Park. The park is currently used by many Copeland Park residents, for a variety of other purposes.

While the OMBA’s application was for a multi-phase bike park, the City approved only the first phase of the project. Many questions remain unanswered about the current and future phases.

During the Council Meeting, Councillors Wilkinson, Chernushenko, and El Chantiry spoke in favour of a relationship with the OMBA. Councillors Egli, Chiarelli, Fleury, Quadri, and Brockington questioned various elements of the proposal. Staff from Parks & Recreation, and Planning & Growth Management provided answers that did not fully address all the concerns. When the Mayor called the vote, only Councillors Chiarelli and Egli voted against the motion.

While recognizing the health benefits for those who participate in mountain biking, your President has been working with the Friends of Carlington Park, to identify common issues and concerns that may affect Copeland Park: increased vehicles (traffic & parking) on Clyde
and Castle Hill, signage requirements, conflicting priorities between mountain bikers
and other users (dog walkers, people walking and jogging, other recreational bikers,
and various naturalists such as bird watchers).

Come to the meeting for more information about this initiative…

The community association needs fresh voices. You live here, and enjoy the benefits of being part of this neighborhood. Please consider taking a turn at serving on your community association’s board of directors. These few volunteer hours are sure to enrich your life and offer an enjoyable learning experience.

For more information, call Marjorie Shaver-Jones at 613 228-5258.

Please renew your household membership, by paying the $10 annual fee, in-person at the AGM, online at our web-site (

Greenlawn Tennis Courts Unplayable Until August 29

Due to the recent heavy rain, the schedule for repair and resurfacing of this neighbourhood facility has been delayed. Residents are asked not to walk on the surface until after August 29th.

Please assist your Community Association, by informing your children and neighbours of this.

Executive Meeting April 2016

(Released for posting but not approved by board due to lack of quorum at August 14, 2016 meeting)

Location: 1465 Baseline Road, Suite 603
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Time: 7:30PM
In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Jamie Mason, Catherine Fortune, Jenn Bougie,
Dave Madden, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Mike Sims, Dave Hunter
Absent: Brad White, Rob Edwards

1) Call to order at approximately 7:40PM.

2) Jamie moved to approve January 27 board meeting minutes, seconded by Bert & carried.

3) Marjorie proposed adding more general reference information to CPCA web site. Jenn offered to contribute and to contact Dave Hunter re web site tool.

4) Marjorie tried to contact City View Community Association regarding common interests. No success as of yet but will continue to try.

5) Discussion on adding a ‘field house’ to Copeland Park. Suggested sites may not be suitable. Considered portable type structure. Likely equally unsuitable due to lack of water service in that type of building. Jenn offered to contact Don Mason, City Capital Projects adviser to investigate possible suggestions on this situation.

6) CPCA question regarding ‘Association’ vs ‘Alliance’ was reviewed by Marjorie with Hy Carswell (past CPCA president). Conclusion is that ‘Alliance’ is correct term.

7) Report from Jamie on rink usage etc. – Very favourable feedback. An estimate of 30+ children using the park most days plus some adults with and without children on the ice.

  • BBQ day went very well – well attended.
  • Fund raiser for neighbourhood autistic child. Family dealing with $6k/month cost.
  • Disco on Ice event raised $1,400.00 .
  • CPCA received a great letter from Brenda & David (Cameo Drive residents) complementing Rink Team for their great efforts. Wonderful seeing the activity in the park all winter.
  • Jamie to provide photos of rink activities for posting on CPCA web site.
  • Jenn to put word in with Jennifer Steers at City (rink hut contact).
  • Jamie is to prepare a report for the City. Trying to maintain rink as ‘puddle’ rink (avoid boards). Will push for $2K funding (good for snow blower).

8) Greenlawn Park – Marjorie & Dave reported on status of tennis court resurfacing – contractor needs minimum of 6 days above 15c. Translates into a mid June date for this work to be done.

  • life of new surface? Warranty?
  • Accessibility of court – opening size, should opening be gated?
  • Could back board for single play be added?
  • Would ball hockey damage new court surface? 1/3

9) Company of Fools informed CPCA that they will not be performing in Greenlawn Park this year. Greenlawn is one of the smaller venues and generates less revenue. They will return in alternate years. Company of Fools admin contact is Gertrude.
We discussed the possibility of using Copeland Park as an alternate site as it has a natural amphitheatre.
Jamie volunteered to investigate other theatre in the park options.

10) Maitland Avenue Traffic issue (strategy) – Traffic consultant Ted Faubert, directed Bert to traffic engineer. Suggested that City uses same software data thus will yield similar results to private study. Suggested conclusion is that investing in private study would likely be a waste of money.

11) Traffic control – Marjorie contacted Nancy Cairns with the City to request 30 ‘Children at Play’ signs but only 3 were available.
Discussions on speeding and lack of stopping at various intersections. Of particular concern is the stop on Castlehill at Greyrock. The suggestion of a mini-roundabout was tabled.
Rick Chiarelli to be approached on the subject.
Dave Madden to spearhead project. Contact neighbours in immediate area (Kevin Collins & Kass). Take photos of subject intersection and to list other traffic control options like speed bumps.
Proposal to be reviewed by board before submitting to Councillor Chiarelli. Goal is to have proposal completed by end May.

12) Marjorie to provide Catherine with copy of CPCA Bylaws.

13) Review of last year’s BBQ-Yard Sale-Auction event (Saturday, June 6, 2015).
Should we have a community wide and/or in park sale/auction like last year? Decided to go with a community wide garage sale event. Date: June 18 with 19 as rain date. Dave Madden to investigate date of Glebe Community garage sale. NOTE: Since our exec meeting Glebe sale was determined to be on June 18 so we have moved ours to June 11.
Flyers to be designed and circulated throughout CPCA area on or about 1 month prior to event date. Dave & Steve to arrange distribution. Dave’s wife, Christina, to assist with flyer design and Dave’s children to assist with distribution. Distribution to be shared with McPherson team.
Decision made to have banner(s) made to promote yard sale. Marjorie to contact Dave Hunter to arrange banner printing etc.

14) Marjorie reported on a western CPCA community’s effort to replace the Agincourt Park play structure. The project is spearheaded by Agincourt school parents group. Estimated minimum cost is $70,000.00. The parents group applied to the City for $7,500.00 grant. Marjorie prepared letter of endorsement from CPCA and also suggested that the CPCA make a donation. $1,500.00 – tabled, moved by Bert, seconded by Catherine, approved by all.

15) Carlington Mountain Bike Park proposal – CPCA received no communication from Carlington area community association on this proposal. Councillor Chiarelli contacted by Marjorie about possibility of City’s concerns regarding noise, parking, access restrictions. Nothing reported.
Marjorie to send letter to Carlington Community Association voicing regarding our concerns with respect to noise, parking, etc. And our disappointment with their lack of communication with the CPCA. This letter to be circulated to board members before being sent Carlington CA & City Councillors. 2/3
16) Victoria Labar notification of ‘Simply Try It’ aqua fit to be posted on CPCA web site.

17) Marjorie announced that Nancy Cairns will be going on maternity leave as of June 23.

18) Catherine bought up the subject of the child ID program (CHIP) and the Neighbourhood Watch. Status of both in question. Marjorie to contact Agincourt School vice principal regarding a possible partnership.

19) Jamie enquired as to the process involved in hosting an overnight camping event in Greenlawn Park. Target date is July 1st. Suggested he may need to book with the City. Jamie to make necessary enquiries.

20) Jamie suggested building garden boxes for Greenlawn Park that could be rented out to interested neighbours for planting flowers or vegetables. Fee of $100.00 for season suggested.

21) Jenn reported that a dog run in Ainsley Park has been proposed. Actual status unknown.

– Meeting adjourned at 9:55PM – moved by Jamie, seconded by Jenn .

Suspect sought in pharmacy robbery on Baseline Road

Please see Facebook posting for pictures :

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit is investigating a recent pharmacy robbery and is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect responsible.

On August 8, 2016, at approximately 12:30pm, a lone suspect entered a pharmacy situated along the 2500 block of Baseline Road. The suspect made a demand for a prescription drug. After receiving a small quantity of drugs, the suspect demanded more but became impatient and fled the premises with what was originally provided. There were no injuries.

The suspect is described as being a Caucasian male, in his 30’s or 40’s, of average build and height. At the time he wore a grey t-shirt, dark jeans, work boots, and gloves. The suspect was disguised at the time of the robbery with sunglasses and a surgical mask.

Anyone with information regarding this suspect, the robbery, or any other robbery, is asked to call the Ottawa Police’s Robbery Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5116. Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), or by downloading the Ottawa Police app.

S/Sgt. Michael Haarbosch
Robbery Unit
Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 5445

The Company of Fools Torchlight Shakespeare

The Bel Air Community Association is hosting The Company of Fools Torchlight Shakespeare on Wednesday, July 27th at 7:00 p.m. in Bel Air Park on Berwick Avenue.
They will be performing The Amazing Adventures of Pericles Prince of Tyre.

Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and spend the evening with your neighbours, enjoying a very entertaining and humorous performance by these extraordinary actors.
Your children or grandchildren will be as enthralled as you are.
Great family fun!

Pay what you can (suggested donation of $20).

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